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Welcome to Mango: the online presence and photographic art of Bev Duperly. Mango is both symbolic of good fortune and abundance since ancient times,
and symbolic of our ability to capture essence, hope and beauty – sometimes in the midst of intense adversity and challenge.
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Bev uses Hasselbla
cameras & technology. Bev Duperly & Former Vice President, Al Gore Host your own Climate Presentation from the Academy Award winning
documentary, An Inconvenient Truth.

Peel back the layers of ourPortfolio & Biography Taste, explore & experience the world in which we live through our lens & images. Capturing Essence in the Extraordinary  
Capturing Essence in People, Brands and Ideas Educating through the Art of Photography. Telling Stories in Flash and Still Images that Excite, Reveal, Surprise and Bring Intangibles Alive.
In her wide ranging and award winning work, from exhibitions to portraiture, architectural photography and more, Bev Duperly's artistic canvas is the world at large. Based near Seattle, Bev works
on assignments throughout the globe, and is a proud member of generations of photographers. (see her Portfolio & Biography). Bev communicates volumes with her unforgettable and powerfully
honest imagery. From the relative calm and control of the studio, to the chaos of shooting on location, often in the face of danger - Bev
bridges conflicts and differences in perception. Her work reveals the relationships of a range of subjects to their environs, and how we see things in relation to our own lives and experiences.
Bev's work captures intangibles: from fleeting light, to character and dignity - revealing a strong sense of social justice and her commitment to sustainability. Through Opening of the Heart®,
a non profit educational outreach and traveling exhibition, and her related, ongoing efforts - Bev is engaged in opening hearts, minds and possibilities. ©2008 Beverly Duperly Boos & Mango
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